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Current Readings

Temperature31.4° F
Heat Index27.6° F
Wind Chill31.4° F
Wind Speed1.0 mph from the N
Barometer29.711 in. and Steady
Dewpoint23.4° F
Rainfall0.00 in.*
Current Rain Rate0.000 in./hour*

Daily Highs and Lows

High Temperature31.4° F at 2:41 PM
Low Temperature16.2° F at 2:07 AM
High Heat Index31.4° F at 2:41 PM
Low Wind Chill15.6° F at 1:28 AM
High Wind Speed9.2 mph from the N
High Barometer29.829 in. at 4:29 AM
Low Barometer29.709 in. at 2:31 PM
High Dewpoint23.5° F at 2:38 PM
Low Dewpoint13.5° F at 2:07 AM
High Humidity90% at 3:01 AM
Low Humidity70% at 7:54 AM
Rainfall Last 24 Hours0.030 in.*
High Rain Rate0.000 in./hour*

Weekly Highs and Lows

High Temperature42.4° F on Mon
Low Temperature10.2° F on Fri
High Heat Index42.4° F on Mon
Low Wind Chill15.7° F on Sun
High Wind Speed4.6 mph on Sun
High Barometer29.828 in. on Mon
Low Barometer29.157 in. on Wed
High Dewpoint28.0° F on Sun
Low Dewpoint6.6° F on Sun
High Humidity94.0% on Sun
Low Humidity32.0% on Thu
Rainfall Last 7 Days0.059 in.*

Monthly Highs and Lows

High Temperature53.8° F on 10/11
Low Temperature10.2° F on 10/20
High Heat Index53.8° F on 10/11
Low Wind Chill10.2° F on 10/20
High Wind Speed22.0 mph on 10/7
High Barometer30.333 in. on 10/1
Low Barometer29.156 in. on 10/18
High Dewpoint48.7° F on 10/4
Low Dewpoint5.7° F on 10/20
High Humidity97% on 10/4
Low Humidity32% on 10/19
Monthly Rainfall1.210 in.*

Yearly Highs and Lows

High Temperature79.2° F on 7/23
Low Temperature-7.2° F on 3/7
High Heat Index79.2° F on 7/23
Low Wind Chill-13.0° F on 2/12
High Wind Speed22.0 mph on 10/7
High Barometer30.670 in. on 2/25
Low Barometer28.567 in. on 2/14
High Dewpoint62.4° F on 7/23
Low Dewpoint-12.1° F on 3/6
High Humidity97% on 2/25
Low Humidity23% on 4/14
Total Rainfall since 4/1/201711.658 in.*

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This information is provided solely for entertainment and personal enjoyment. It is not intended for use in aviation or maritime applications or any other area in which detailed knowledge of weather conditions is critical.

* Rainfall amounts might be inaccurate due to winter freezing and thawing.

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Seawind Drive (Anchorage, Alaska)

Sunrise: 09:03
Sunset: 18:25
Length of day: 09:22 (hours:minutes)
Change in light: -00:05:36 (hours:minutes:seconds)
Moonrise: 13:24
Moonset: 19:57
Moon age: 3 days,19 hours,51 minutes,16%
Moon phase: 16%

Last updated at 14:41 PM on 10/23/2017

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